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Harshana Bamboo Blinds was established in 2005 and since then it has become one of the largest bamboo blinds production company in Sri Lanka.We are famous as the best bata palali distributors among Sri Lankans. Our clients are not only from Sri Lanka but also from whole over the world.The key for the success of our company is high quality products and the excellent service for favourable prices.And we are the one who has wide variety of unique design collection of bamboo blinds compared to other local businesses.


Our Bamboo blinds are precisely cut, smooth sanded, and then tastefully finished. Affordable, and easily customisable to suit your interior & exterior design needs.


We are dedicated provide shipping and installation all around Sri Lanka and provide a safe delivery at your door-step to any country around the world.


Made from Exotic, Natural, Eco-friendly materials, these blinds provide durable, long-lasting beauty. Bamboo grows normally in wet environment, suitable to use in any tropical weather situations.Broad gathering of delightfully woven blinds produced using bamboo, viably channels light in to insides, making warm and welcoming atmosphere with extra texture lining as an additional choice

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# 17/B, Kimmanthudawa, Bandaragama, Sri Lanka

Tel : +94 (76) 732-0755 / +94 (71) 032-8802 / +94 (38) 568-8018

Email : prasannanayanajith111@gmail.com

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